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Last year, we saw a lot of modernist fonts in page-wide settings, often with big top margins. This year smart, highly legible mixed settings dominate. They’re not like the mixed setting of the past, with single sentences set in multiple sizes and fonts. They’re mixed in two new ways. First, there isn’t a clear division between Modernist typography and what we call Classic Book typography (old style fonts set justified, centered, single column). Instead, the font might be Modern and the setting classic, or vice versa. The settings are dictated by content with an eye on expression and readability. Grids are way more flexible. Baselines bounce, margins shift, justified is mixed with ragged-right, and flush left is mixed with centered settings.

This flexibility means that legibility is king. We see very few extreme settings, such as over spaced or under spaced type. Most text is set in comfortable, old style fonts. If body text is set in Helvetica, it gets bigger so it’s easy to read.
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