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Room 13
Room 13 is a production house based in Bangalore that produces Ad films & Corporate AV’s and it headed by Brian, who has been in this business for 18 years.

Brian wanted a drastic make over from the earlier identity of Signet that had over the period of time mellowed down. The single point brief that we got from him was to make it “Alive”.

TLG Solution
We brain stormed with Brian over dozens of cups of Coffee & cigarettes and finally hit the jack pot “Room 13”. The idea being the missing room, since everybody tends to skip the number 13 while naming, and in Room 13 (as in the organization) you could find the missing element that you have been looking for….
TLG also gave a generous dose of Red to the logo, combined with bold typo there by making it Vibrant & Alive.

Last heard Brian had bagged the production deal of a series of lucrative corporate films for a multinational Petroleum brand.